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1. Do you have a business license?
We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and pay the annual fee to be recognized as such.

2. Are you bonded and insured?
Yes. We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters International. We have been members of this organization since our founding in 2004.

3.  How experienced are you?
We have been looking after pups since 2004. Greg also worked as a veterinary animal technician for 9 years prior to his ownership of Woof-It!

4. Do you have references?
Please see our excellent reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. Should you need further references, please contact us.

5. How many dogs do you walk at one time?
We only walk in small groups, never more than 3 at a time, more often we walk pairs.

6. What do you do with the other dogs when you are picking up/dropping off my dog?
This varies depending on the circumstances of your home and the home of any other dog we might pair with yours. We ensure the safety of all pups in our care at all times.

7. What happens if my dog does not get along with the other dogs or if there is a behavior issue with one of the other dogs that you currently walk?
We are very selective about pairing. We know all of our pups very well, and learn the personalities of new pups before pairing. All new pups are walked solo for at least a few visits so we get to know them and see how they behave in various situations. Your experiences with your pup will also be useful in guiding our choices.

8. Do you have a backup plan in case you are unavailable, regardless of whether it is due to illness, personal emergency, or vacation?
Our policy is that every pup is known to at least 3 of our walkers so that we are able to provide coverage.

9. How much notice do you require if I need to add on a day or an evening walk for my dog at the last minute?
You can always ask, and we can usually accommodate, but we cannot guarantee service outside of our regular hours, which are 11-3 Monday through Friday. We do have a staff of 9, so the odds are good that someone would be available. Advance notice is the best way to ensure availability.

10. Where will you be walking my dog? Will there be any dog parks involved?
That depends on where you live and your pup’s temperament.

11. Do you have or do you require a contract?
Yes. We have a basic service agreement that details our and our client’s responsibilities.

12. What is your policy on obedience and behavior training/reinforcement during the walk?  Do you use positive reinforcement?  Do you use negative conditioning, and if so, how?
We follow the instructions set by the owner. Dogs respond best to routine.  We do our utmost to provide consistency with the client’s own methods be it clicker, treats, praise etc.

13. How and why did you get into or become a dog walker?
Greg is a graduate of Norfolk County Agricultural High School with a major in small animal sciences and has been working with and around animals since he was very young.  This seemed a natural fit for him, especially since his wife’s allergies prevent him from having a dog himself.

14. Would you be willing to come to my residence, meet my dog, and conduct a test walk with us?
That is our policy. We would set up a time when Greg, Mark, Kris, or Alexis, and the walker who covers your neighborhood could meet you and your pup. We want to make sure your pup is a good fit for us as well, so these meetings are important for us as well as for our clients.

We’re In Your Neighborhood!

Serving all or part of these communities:

West Roxbury
Jamaica Plain
Hyde Park

Dog Walking

We give your dog individual attention! Pups come to trust and rely on the walker who visits them.
We offer visits for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, and we keep our walking groups small- never more than three pups, and more often pairs or even solo walks. We know that socialization is important, but understand that some dogs prefer to ‘go it alone’, so we offer solo walks for no extra charge.

At Woof-It!, we make sure that at least two of our team members know each pup’s routine, so we never miss a visit if a walker needs a day off. Our team is small enough to become invested in the well being of every pet we visit, but large enough to meet all the walking, sitting, and playing needs of our clients.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? No worries! Woof-It! provides personalized in-home care for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, and ferrets. We can provide two, three, or four visits a day. We can even have one of our team stay in your home with your pets overnight. We provide all the care your pets may require and also bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on and off and other small chores to ensure that your home is safe and well looked after.