Gregory Adams, Owner

It was inevitable that Gregory Adams would go to the dogs. A member of 4-H and Future Farmers of America as a boy, Gregory has at various times owned or cared for cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, pheasants, rabbits, chinchillas, pigeons, tropical fish and of course many, many dogs and cats. Gregory attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School where he majored in Small Animal Science, and worked his way through college at the New England Wildlife Center and the Hingham Animal…

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Fabien Tepper

Fabien joined the Woof-it team in September of 2014. Raised in a Los Angeles canyon where dogs, children, and coyotes roamed in relative harmony, she has cared for animals since she was a child. As an adult she has worked at a mobile pet vaccine clinic, a rural Italian dog shelter, and farms around Europe where she has cared for pigs, donkeys, chickens, and pheasants. In 2009 she earned an M.S. in animals and public policy from Tufts University‚Äôs veterinary…

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Mark Lampert

Mark is well known to anyone who is active in the Dedham schools where he works as a volunteer and event coordinator. Mark has been a valued member of the Woof-It! team since April of 2011. He coordinates Client Orientation and welcomes new clients to Woof-It! in addition to performing daily visits in Dedham.

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Alexis Bywater

Alexis has been a part of the Woof-It! team since April of 2010. Along with walking dogs and visiting cats, Alexis takes care of visit scheduling and invoicing. Alexis lives in Dedham with her husband, their puppy Space Princess, their cat, and five chickens. She fosters puppies for local rescue organizations as well.

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We’re In Your Neighborhood!

Serving all or part of these communities:

West Roxbury
Jamaica Plain
Hyde Park

Dog Walking

We give your dog individual attention! Pups come to trust and rely on the walker who visits them.
We offer visits for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, and we keep our walking groups small- never more than three pups, and more often pairs or even solo walks. We know that socialization is important, but understand that some dogs prefer to ‘go it alone’, so we offer solo walks for no extra charge.

At Woof-It!, we make sure that at least two of our team members know each pup’s routine, so we never miss a visit if a walker needs a day off. Our team is small enough to become invested in the well being of every pet we visit, but large enough to meet all the walking, sitting, and playing needs of our clients.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? No worries! Woof-It! provides personalized in-home care for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, and ferrets. We can provide two, three, or four visits a day. We can even have one of our team stay in your home with your pets overnight. We provide all the care your pets may require and also bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on and off and other small chores to ensure that your home is safe and well looked after.