I have two 75 pound akita/boxer/shepherd mixes who are not exactly the easiest two in the world to walk. One of them flips out when anyone on wheels comes by, (bikes, scooters, skate boarders, etc). He also doesn’t like people playing basketball (he is fine as long as they don’t bounce the ball). And Mark has handled them fine, and he will always give me an update in the journal he keeps if there were any skate board encounters and whether or not they pooped or peed.
Greg also went the extra step to have a sub ready to walk my boys in case Mark was sick or on vacation. He was careful to match the walker up based on how they handled similar dogs
Mark has even been able to walk my dogs with some other mild mannered dogs in the neighborhood (which I would have NEVER thought would be possible). He made sure he chose dogs with a temperament to offset my dogs and now they both have a neighborhood best friend and walk buddy!
-Lesley S.
My husband and I have two lab/terrier mixes and have been using Woof-It services since July 2010.  We get 2 walks per week for the two of them, and have had Mark on the job for a long while now.  We have not had a single issue with Woof-It, which is pretty amazing now that I think about it.  Greg has been spectacular in both accommodating our needs (even last minute), and communicating with us when necessary whether via email, text message or phone call.  Mark leaves us great notes after each walk (they’re usually very funny), and both Greg and Mark seem to truly love our pups.  We are so grateful to have such a great service for the dogs that allows them to get some activity during our long work days.  We honestly couldn’t be happier with Woof-It!
-Cat M.
Thank you for the excellent care of the kitties. I came home and found them happily seated on the big blue chair. They looked at me like “what are you doing home?” I think they enjoyed your company even Maggie although she won’t admit it.  You take excellent cat portraits. I may make Maggie pouncing my new Screen saver!
-Carolyn C.
I wanted to send you both a note to express our gratitude and extreme satisfaction with Steve. He is awesome with Jameson and we can tell he really cares about him.  We have been home on occasion when Steve has come to walk Jameson and seen him in action. He is the nicest guy and Jameson absolutely loves him.  We couldn’t feel more at ease knowing Steve is around for J during the day.
-Halle M.
I very much appreciate your time and attention to Beau all these years, and would recommend your company highly to anyone.
-Colleen K.
Heather is a total gem. We trust her absolutely.  Today, when I needed to get into the office she agreed to watch Syd’s bandage and change it if he got wet or dirty – or put on a new one if Syd took it off. She is so loving and so incredibly competent. Can’t tell you how much we love and appreciate her.
-Linda G.
I have been using a Woof It dog walker since June of 2014 and it really has exceeded all my expectations. My dog walker is fantastic, dependable, and absolutely loves dogs. I have a 100 lb dog and I was having anxiety about leaving him all day when I was at work. When I met Greg and he went over his services and commitment to my dog’s health and happiness..it was wonderful. I highly recommend them and my pup is taken care of very well.
-Karen M.
I just wanted to mention how super happy we are with Billy. He’s been great and Steffie adores him (which is probably the most important!). I’m glad we found WoofIt!
I wanted to let you know how much we love Kaleigh, and what an amazing job she did sitting our pups! I wanted to make sure you all got the feedback on what a great job she does in general with our dogs, and how much we appreciate her close attention to detail and responsiveness to our dogs a day to day basis.
We really like Janet and Maple absolutely loves Janet. The other day I got to witness the two interact and Maple was beyond excited to see her – her tail would not stop wagging! Janet always leaves very thorough notes for us, and we have had several neighbors in our apartment building tell us that she is a pleasure to interact with at the dog park!
Amber is perfect for Blaze. They like one another and she understands dogs. We feel very lucky to have both Mark and Amber as our dog walkers.

Aaron is so great with Lucy and so are his stand ins. She loves the walks and play time she gets with him and they are very responsive about scheduling extra walks or occasionally cancelling walks.
Woof-it has been so accommodating of my schedule and they take the best care of Remy! Alexis is so quick to respond to requests, and I love that Remy gets to have one or two other dogs with him when he gets walks; it keeps him social.
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Dog Walking

We give your dog individual attention! Pups come to trust and rely on the walker who visits them.
We offer visits for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, and we keep our walking groups small- never more than three pups, and more often pairs or even solo walks. We know that socialization is important, but understand that some dogs prefer to ‘go it alone’, so we offer solo walks for no extra charge.

At Woof-It!, we make sure that at least two of our team members know each pup’s routine, so we never miss a visit if a walker needs a day off. Our team is small enough to become invested in the well being of every pet we visit, but large enough to meet all the walking, sitting, and playing needs of our clients.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? No worries! Woof-It! provides personalized in-home care for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, chinchillas, and ferrets. We can provide two, three, or four visits a day. We can even have one of our team stay in your home with your pets overnight. We provide all the care your pets may require and also bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on and off and other small chores to ensure that your home is safe and well looked after.