fabienFabien joined the Woof-it team in September of 2014. Raised in a Los Angeles canyon where dogs, children, and coyotes roamed in relative harmony, she has cared for animals since she was a child.

As an adult she has worked at a mobile pet vaccine clinic, a rural Italian dog shelter, and farms around Europe where she has cared for pigs, donkeys, chickens, and pheasants. In 2009 she earned an M.S. in animals and public policy from Tufts University’s veterinary school.

These days, in addition to walking dogs, she writes about human-animal relations for several news and culture outlets. She also does occasional work as an Italian translator and portraitist, and during summers she pedals people around Boston on a pedicab. She’s wild about gardening, films, and salsa dancing, and she lives in a mixed-species household in Jamaica Plain.